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The Role of Consulting Engineers in 2015 & Into The Future

30 Sep 2015

The Role of Consulting Engineers in 2015 & Into The Future As sustainable technology becomes ever more prevalent and important to the future of our society and the environment, it becomes increasingly important for developers to continually improve designs in this industry and ensure that we get the best from the resources that are being created by our current system.

Efficiency is obviously very important for any industry, but it becomes all the more important for businesses looking to improve the energy efficiency of their commercial property, whether that is an existing property or a property currently being developed. If renewable sources of energy are ever going to take over more traditional, less sustainable methods then the technology and design needs to be able to produce the same, or better results going into the future.

Part of this transition into renewable, sustainable sources of energy includes creating infrastructure that is less wasteful and more efficient at using resources.

A major challenge here is creating buildings, usually for commercial purpose, that make the best use of the resources provided to them, whilst limiting the waste created and managing that waste as efficiently as possible. This is where consulting engineers can come into the equation.

Whilst it is important that building design becomes increasingly efficient, there also has to be an economic balance - the costs have to make sense to the business implementing sustainable design. Consulting engineers work to create this balance and to ensure that a building is as efficient as possible, whilst remaining as low-cost as possible to the inhabitant.

By utilising new technology, such as low-energy lighting, wind energy, hydropower, solar water heating, biomass or biogass boilers (and so much more) within the design of a new building, consulting engineers can create this balance and create the optimal outcome for all involved.

This is something that may come as a challenge to more traditional developers not as experienced in this area of technology. Consulting engineers who have experience in sustainable design are becoming ever more valuable to businesses looking to reduce costs in the long term and become more sustainable.


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