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Ever Considered A Career In Building Engineering? It’s More Exciting Than You Think

26 Oct 2020

Ever Considered A Career In Building Engineering? It’s More Exciting Than You Think

If you’re considering being part of Ireland’s next generation of building engineers, then you’re certainly getting into a profession that has a bright and exciting future. Not only that, but the role of a building engineer is a highly rewarding one with no two days being quite the same.

The Irish construction industry is still going through a major transformation as demand for cleaner, more sustainable building design gets ever greater. Building engineers are an integral part of this, meaning that many present and future job opportunities are on the table for anyone with the skills to take advantage of them.

Building Engineers Ireland
The day to day routine of a building engineer is so varied that you may never have the same day twice! One day you could be collaborating with building services design consultants on an HVAC project and assisting electrical engineers on a construction site the next.

The scope of the building engineering projects themselves can also be extremely diverse, with many private and public projects always in progress at any given time. These include government buildings, schools, roads, railways, tunnels, hospitals or anywhere where machines are found. 

Educational Requirements
It’s certainly true that there is a significant amount of studying required to become a fully-fledged building engineer, however, we think that it’s very much worth it. While historically building service engineers would have had a primary degree in engineering and then specialised in building services engineering, today as this role as grown so much in importance over the years, both DIT and CIT provide Bachelor of Engineering Building Services Engineering degrees, which goes to illustrates how important this role is now considered.

You could get started with a degree in a related field, such as maths, construction or the built environment, but this will usually mean it takes you longer to become fully qualified.

Interested in Knowing More?
At Varming Consulting Engineers, we have been a leading light in the Irish construction industry since the late 1940s. We have a long and proud record for delivering exceptional results for our clients through the use of both conventional and emerging sustainable design methods.

If you’re interested in becoming a building engineer and you’d like to know more about anything discussed here, we recommend taking a look around our website where you’ll find a wealth of information, as well as details of our past projects.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our expert team, call our Dublin HQ on +353 (0)1 4872300 and we’ll do our very best to answer any and all questions you might have.


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