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Sustainable Build, The 2020 Innovation Challenge & Why It’s Important

17 Aug 2020

Sustainable Build, The 2020 Innovation Challenge & Why It’s Important

In the field of building design, there has never been a bigger focus on sustainability. Building services design consultants, electrical engineers and M & E consulting engineers alike are all having to work together to ensure that the buildings are able to be run and maintained with little or no impact on the environment.

Sustainable Build is a body that has been created by a group of partners who are attempting to unite the building industry aid the transition to a fully sustainable future. Part of this effort comes in the form of the 2020 Innovation challenge, which seeks to encourage innovation in creating business models, products and solutions, as well as sharing of knowledge and increased cooperation across the entire industry.

Sustainable Solutions for the Future

This collaborative effort has been created so that the consulting engineers, electrical engineering firms and architects of tomorrow have the technologies and methods they need to meet the challenges of the future. There are no set criteria for consideration to be involved in Sustainable Build’s challenge other than having an idea that might assist sustainable design.

Do you have an idea that…

  • Enables increased flexibility of building use and renovation?

  • Facilitates access to unused public and private square meters?

  • Connects businesses, neighbours and other users together to share resources and activities?

  • Enables organisations and users to co-finance and co-design new neighbourhoods?

Applications for the project in 2020 have all been finalised, but that shouldn’t stop anyone else with the right ideas from submitting their innovations next year. This scheme is just one of the many things that are going on to encourage a greener and more eco-friendly construction industry and at Varming Consulting Engineers, we are fully behind it.

Sustainable Buildings for a Greener Tomorrow

If you’d like to know more about sustainable design or any of the projects Varming has been involved within our 70+ years in the business, head over to our website There you’ll find examples of our past work, as well as lots of other useful information.

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