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The Rise in Sustainable Development

4 Oct 2015

The Rise in Sustainable Development

Sustainable development entails whole social, economic, and environmental policies that cater to a new way of living, working, and consuming. It is a whole world effort that many governments and industries are now beginning to regularly employ. But these choices also come down to the individual levels. To make a real impact for the benefit of our planet, all variety of business owners and home builders should be included in the response for change with sustainable building and operation.


In Ireland, the rise of sustainable development can be seen in various ways, from the increase of energy efficient design in new home builds, to prefabricated housing units. With many of these new developments, architects and engineers are better suited to address these kinds of changes, with new Building Information Modelling, and by creating solutions that address the kinds of problems sustainable design professionals encounter every day.For better energy usage and increasing the life cycle of operations, sustainable approaches use detailed project evaluation and optimisation. To achieve Building Energy Ratings such as BREEAM, a building must meet certain criteria, with an emphasis on energy analysis during the design phase, to make the right decisions on placement of the structure, natural ventilation, and other details of its function.


Through sustainable design, an integrated approach is used; one that considers all phases of a building’s life cycle, from conception, to creation, to operation. For the latest in the sustainable design and supervision of Mechanical and Electrical Building Services, contact Varming Consulting Engineers.


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