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UPS Systems and their Importance to Modern Electrical Engineers

11 Mar 2019

UPS Systems and their Importance to Modern Electrical Engineers

In the modern business environment, IT equipment plays an entirely central role to the operation of the vast majority of companies. Whilst computer equipment only used to play a supporting role in the day to day working of most companies, most now grind to a halt when they malfunction and it’s for this reason that consulting engineers now often recommend Uninterruptible Power Supply technology (UPS) in building design projects.

The Definition

A UPS system is something that provides back up power in the event of a failure of the main utility supply that lasts long enough for electrical equipment vital to the operation of a business to shut down. Electrical engineering firms understand that the natural surges and sags that exist in mains power can play havoc with sensitive electrical and computer equipment.

There are countless reasons why electrical consulting engineers consider UPS protection as a given in any building that is used to house business-critical electrical equipment and they include:

  • The fact that EU law allows for variations in utility power supply that can cause major issues with sensitive IT and electrical equipment

  • Surge protectors and generators don’t provide protection against power spikes and can take too long to get going to be effective in this regard

  • Main utility power is not 100% reliable and without protection, your business could go down too

  • UPS systems can be used to help reduce spiraling AC costs

In the modern business sphere, the availability of IT is key to success, which means that power availability should not be taken for granted. Building services design consultants know that the worst sometimes happens, so it needs to be planned for to avoid costly system outages.

At Varming Consulting Engineers, we are major exponents of modern building design technologies that allow us to create the most efficient building services for our clients. An example of how we used UPS technology at a project we were involved with at the Galway Racecourse Tote Building can be seen by following this link

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