ACEI Design Excellence Award 2005

Galway Clinic

The Award for Excellence in Design recognised the creative design approach used by Varming, with integrating the extensive engineering services installations in Galway Clinic to the architecture of the building in order to produce a space of pleasing visual impact. The merging of the engineering services with the building's finishes required intensive co-ordination and cooperation between the design team and the contractors, while working closely with the client. This is evident in the flawless finish of the final construction. The engineering installations were judged to be unobtrusive without impacting their capability to service the medical activities and to maintain energy efficient environmental conditions.

“The facilities in the Galway Clinic are innovative and state-of-the-art”, said Mr. James Sheehan, founder of the Galway Clinic. “Varming’s skill and professionalism seamlessly integrated the technically complex medical requirements with the modern engineering design features needed to make the Galway Clinic a high performing space. Such a design advantage now ensures that Galway Clinic functions flawlessly and provides the highest standards of care and medical expertise to our patients.”

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