Building design in Medical Settings to Control Pathogens

27 Apr 2021

Building design in Medical Settings to Control Pathogens

Viruses and methods used to control them have very much taken centre stage since the beginning of the pandemic and it’s something that has pervaded every walk of life - including the sphere of consulting engineers. Innovative technologies are being developed all the time to help stop the spread of pathogens, with copper and silver ionisation being one of them.

This method of disinfecting the water supply is certainly not a new one to consulting engineers, as it’s something that dates back to ancient times. That said, it still remains a popular and powerful method used by building services design consultants for large, complicated water distribution systems. 

So, How Does it Work?

The reason why it’s so effective at keeping water-borne pathogens at bay is the ionisation process that positively charges the copper and silver ions, which kills the bacteria by forming bonds with negatively-charged cells that exist within them. It’s so effective that M & E consulting engineers in the modern day still employ it to eliminate Legionella issues.

It’s also useful for keeping pathogens at bay for the long term, as well as for cleaning water that has been contaminated by heavily corroded piping. An example of how the Varming team of mechanical and electrical engineers used the method in a real-world setting can be seen in the recent Emergency Critical Care Ward - University Hospital Limerick project

Sometimes the Simplest Solutions Are the Best

At Varming Consulting Engineers Limited, we embrace all traditional and emerging technologies to deliver positive outcomes in our client projects. Copper and silver ionisation is just one of the methods we have used in the many projects we've been involved in over our 75 year history. 

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