Building Design Sound Management and Occupiers Well-being

14 Jan 2020

Building Design Sound Management and Occupiers Well-being

When it comes to the creation of modern buildings, Varming Consulting Engineers Ltd. is a company with extensive experience in sustainable building design. As one of Ireland’s leading mechanical & electrical engineering firms, our building services design consultants are extremely adept at creating high-performing building designs. In this blog, we take a look at internal sound management, which is key to creating a workplace that supports productivity and comfort for a building’s occupants. 

Workplace Noise
Whether talking about HVAC systems, computers, mechanical equipment or even the building occupants themselves, noise is generated in a business environment. As a result, M & E consulting engineers have to account for it within their designs, so as to provide occupants with acoustic comfort, interact with each other easily and to be more productive.

When this aspect is not addressed - especially in open-plan spaces, there can be an excess of aural distraction, with increased levels of building noise resulting in reduced concentration and speech privacy. Ultimately, a working environment that’s too noisy to allow for easy communication, can lead to slower work and frustration - neither of which is good for a business’s profitability and operations.

What’s Involved?
When mechanical and electrical engineers address the issue of a workplace’s internal noise, the problem is addressed using what’s known as acoustic planning. This involves identifying all potential sources of noise that allow building services designers to create systems which will not exceed the comfortable levels that can lead to decreased productivity and potential impact on the health and wellbeing of building occupants.

Sound management and acoustic design is just one of the myriad of factors that go into creating fit-for-purpose working spaces in the 21st century and it’s an area in which our M & E consulting engineers excel.

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