Building Performance Simulation

20 Sep 2016

Building Performance Simulation

In order to create a sustainable future in Ireland, the planning and construction of ‘green’ buildings must be designed to improve not only the built environment but also the quality of the outdoor environment. Across the globe, sustainable building is becoming the necessary standard. Indoor experiences are focused on positive conveniences in temperature, air quality, and lighting with intuitive controls. Even further, though, buildings around the globe are being designed to reduce energy demand, as well as any negative environmental impact.

Since 1990, BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) has been the leader in the principles of sustainability and green building. The standards in BREEAM and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) are internationally recognised for providing partnerships for the best practises in sustainability. With the growth of technology, the methods for design have improved the progression of the building process. Drawing on multiple disciplines, building performance simulations focus on improving the effectiveness and durability of the building’s design, construction, and future operation.

Building performance modelling and simulation is a dynamic, analytical, and largely numerical method that creates complex and realistic models of buildings simulated in the real world. This beneficial tool allows designers to simulate the engineering and construction process of a build. Whether cost is the concern, or meeting the standards of sustainability and environmental design, simulations can help builders find solutions to any possible scenario. With the best techniques and latest innovations, consulting engineers can provide valuable insight on the construction and performance of any commercial or residential sustainable building project.


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