Building Renovation Revolution

16 Mar 2016

Building Renovation Revolution Throughput Ireland and all across Europe, buildings play an increasingly important role in policies tackling energy use. Climate change is an ongoing issue, and it is caused by the release of increasing quantities of the greenhouse gas emissions from various human activities, including burning fuel in our cars and refining oil for generating electricity. Because much of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions is a result of burning fossil fuels to provide energy, efficiency has an increasing importance in tackling climate change. If we are more efficient when using energy, we will need less energy to fulfil our needs.

Build Upon, the world’s largest collaborative project on building renovation, brings together over 1,000 organisations across 13 countries to tackle climate change through increased energy efficiency. The aim is to create a renovation revolution across Europe, and encourage innovative rehabilitation and effective renovation strategies, so that existing buildings can meet the future deadline for European energy use.

This is one of the ways EU organisations are facing the challenges of a changing climate, economy, and future culture. With the combination of solidarity and effective policies, building renovation provides a huge advantage.

Though tackling climate change is vital for our future, the benefits for individuals, governments, and businesses alike go well beyond just that. Energy efficiency lowers operating costs, it helps to reduce air pollutants, and it makes our homes and buildings more comfortable and livable. Building renovation is an important part of achieving a cleaner future within both the residential and commercial sectors. Consulting engineers in Dublin can help during renovation projects, from the placement of the structure, to heating and ventilation, as well as the overall design.


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