Cita BICP Global BIM Study

9 Nov 2016

Cita BICP Global BIM Study

The Cita BIM Innovation Capability Program, also known as BICP, seeks to show the capability of the construction industry and academia to meet the increased needs of BIM on Irish construction projects. It is funded by Enterprise Ireland.

The BICP is a response to the report in Construction 2020 asking Enterprise Ireland to work with other industry organisations to encourage the use of BIM to develop the technical skills needed by Irish construction firms. This allows them to compete in markets where BIM is needed.

The UK has mandated a Level Two BIM program. This allows all parties to use their own BIM models. The UK government issued the mandate to lower capital costs, project times, and carbon usage. The French government plans on employing BIM on 500,000 houses by 2017. Germany is issuing a BIM mandate for 2020 because of projects going over budget. There are over ten other countries all over the world that are issuing BIM mandates as well.

The BICP Global BIM study highlights the importance of BIM to International governments. This importance is founded on public leadership, growth capacity, and building a more collaborative business environment. Perhaps the most important goal is to create a more productive and less adversarial sector.

The researchers found many commonalities among the International mandates. These include reasonable expectations and a timeline for mandates, and adopting International guidelines and protocols. Education is a key component for governmental departments, academia, and the industry.

The full report will be used by the National BIM Council of Ireland to help them design a roadmap strategy.


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