Construction 2020 and Beyond

12 Apr 2016

Construction 2020 and Beyond At the upcoming Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland’s (ACEI) conference, Construction 2020 and Beyond to be held in Dublin, Ireland, many industry professionals will be meeting to discuss the subjects of construction procurement, technology and future trends. On the day, ACEI will bring together all disciplines of construction and building specialists who are using further advancements in the field to focus on ways of improving the development of industrial, commercial and residential projects.

With a growing population and an increasing need for smart technology, the future of construction is rapidly evolving. Engineers and architects alike are benefiting from the continuing developments in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and sustainable design. Using advanced technology, there will be improved design coordination, increased safety measures and reduced construction times. Modern buildings are growing more and more complex, regulations are continuing to increase and at the same time there are ongoing needs for further training and skills development. Maintaining high quality standards, as well as providing a better understanding of the design, construction, and maintenance of modern infrastructure, is vital for future projects.

Green building and sustainable construction continues to be a challenge and the use of appropriate technology is an excellent approach for improving efficiencies. As further technology becomes available, industries and contractors will be able to employ advanced solutions with less funding. Consulting engineers bring innovative and quality design practices to many building projects, simultaneously improving site operations and reducing construction expenses. In both the preparation of new designs and undertaking renovations, consulting engineers design projects to make them work.

Varming Consulting Engineers is a member of the ACEI and will be attending the upcoming Construction 2020 and Beyond. This event will take place next Tuesday, 19th April 2016 in Dublin.


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