Developments and Impacts of Consulting Engineering in Europe

19 Jul 2016

Developments and Impacts of Consulting Engineering in Europe

According to the latest survey conducted by the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA), developments in this industry are improving throughout Europe, from Italy to Ireland. The Task Group at the EFCA produces a bi-annual report based on relevant information within the consulting engineering sector in Europe. The results this year show that “half of the consulting engineering associations expect the turnover in their country to increase and the other half expect it to remain stable.” This increase in development and the analogous rise in profitability are expected to continue year on year for most European markets, while Greece and Turkey are likely to remain largely unfledged.

As this manner of development in Europe has continued, the standards of design and construction processes have also been progressing over the years. The technologies once used in the past are no longer considered practical or economical. Those working in the building industry are looking more to the kind of companies that can provide advancements like BIM (Building Information Modelling) and various 3D design techniques, in order to meet the ever-rising demand for energy efficiency and the need for sustainable resources. This is another reason why solar panels and alternative energy sources are fast becoming the industry norm.

Today, with green technology, sustainable builders and designers must explore these additional and more effective options, such as using solar, wind and water energy solutions. With the advancement of technology alongside the rising demand for environmental changes, alternative building designs can be assessed on real time, assuring those involved in the project they are on the right track in meeting the criteria for sustainability, right from the start. Whether it is in relation to brand new designs or the rehabilitation of existing infrastructures, professional consulting engineers offer a vital support system for sustainable building.



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