Electrical Engineering in Power & Communications

28 Sep 2016

Electrical Engineering in Power & Communications

Last year, after the climate talks in Paris, Ireland, the UK, and over a hundred other countries across the globe committed to driving global warming levels below the 2°C threshold. Around Europe and the UK, strategies for the 2020 goal would include reducing 30% of electricity and 12% of energy used for heating. Though recent predictions have not been favourable according to the current conditions. With electricity being such a large part of the strategy for success, implementing these improved services in sustainable building is more important than ever.

Electrical engineering is a comprehensive field that includes many major aspects of a building’s structure and operation. In power systems like audio and video, security systems, and control systems, developing intuitive designs and efficient operation can help reduce long-term energy use. When it comes to lighting, being an essential component in every building, developing the most cost effective and energy efficient solutions can also have a great impact. All buildings rely on a stable source of power to support their performance, whether they are in the commercial, industrial, or residential sectors. Implementing sustainable and efficient design in power systems will help reduce costs and further the goal to reducing electricity and energy.

Another important area to consider is communications, with voice, data, and Internet services being the most common and important commodities in the modern world. The infrastructure of a building can be designed and created with complete efficiency in mind, from the power, to the lighting, down to the communication systems. Electrical engineers can provide important insight and innovation for various building projects. Varming Consulting Engineers in Ireland have the expertise needed to help the building sector reach their goals in energy reduction.


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