Energy Efficiency Developments in Ireland

23 Mar 2016

Energy Efficiency Developments in Ireland

Energy efficiency projects have increased throughout Ireland and across the entire globe, and because of this movement many companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to invest in renewable resources. The Irish Government has set up a National Energy Efficiency Fund with over €35 million to finance various energy efficiency projects across both public and private sectors. These funds are meant specifically for energy-related services, for specialised architects, builders, and contractors, equipment suppliers, and the organisations that provide a solution that delivers energy savings to the client. The idea is to reduce overall energy consumption, recover useful energy from waste streams and use renewable energy in all commercial industries and residential developments.

Ireland has made news with many achievements in energy efficiency and sustainability.  According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), energy efficiency and sustainability has improved.  Since 2012, energy savings in the construction and energy industries have reached a new high. These achievements can be seen across businesses, communities, and residences, and they have contributed to nearly €100 million of spending for the construction industry, which has provided increased economic strength in the country. Carbon emissions have been reduced and a reduction in natural gas imports over the years has provided huge savings for a country with few domestic natural gas wells. These investments in energy efficiency have contributed to the strength of the energy industry.

With the help of organisations like SEAI and these comprehensive strategies for energy growth, it means greater energy independence for Ireland. Professional consulting engineers can also help with designing the best conditions to cultivate sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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