Fast Recovery Hot Water Calorifiers Explained

28 Feb 2023

Fast Recovery Hot Water Calorifiers Explained

Hello, and welcome to the latest Varming Consulting Engineers blog. We're one of Ireland's leading M&E and building design consultants, and we regularly bring you articles like this one that shine a light on the many different technologies used to create modern buildings.

We're here again to provide insight and news from the fast-paced world of modern building design. This time we focus on fast-recovery hofast, ret water calorifiers and the range of benefits they offer to the buildings they're installed in. 

What Are Fast-Recovery Hot Water Calorifiers?
Typically speaking, hot water calorifiers directly or indirectly heat hot water as part of a domestic hot water (DHW) system. Calorifiers don't feature their own burners, as systems usually rely on an external heat source, such as a heat pump, boiler or solar collector. 

In essence, a calorifier represents a coil inside a water cylinder that's heated externally, with this heat source heating water, heat exchange oil or solar fluid. The coil itself can even be heated using renewable energy sources for a highly-sustainable solution. 

Benefits of Hot Water Calorifiers 
The advantages of fast-recovery hot water calorifiers are numerous, with perhaps the main one being that water is only heated when it's needed. It also greatly minimises boiler cycling, leading to reduced consumption and, in turn, lower fuel bills. 

DHW calorifiers don't require a gas supply or flues, making them much simpler to install than direct-fired water heaters. Space is also saved while also providing a larger dump load for the same kW output than their direct-fired counterparts. 

An example of when hot water calorifiers were used by Varming can be seen in the 2014 Liberty House Redevelopment project in Dublin. Varming Consulting Engineers were commissioned to design the M&E services installations for this inner city regeneration project.

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