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Green Building Innovations

16 Feb 2016

Green Building Innovations There are many benefits in using sustainable design and green building practices in Ireland. With an increasing sense of social responsibility, green building aims to incorporate greater concern for health and safety, as well as the environment. With green building becoming an important part of the modern world, new construction technologies are being developed to keep pace with these needs. From maximising the use of renewable resources to minimising carbon emissions, whether in constructing new sustainable buildings or redesigning existing infrastructures, these sustainable technologies are helping more and more companies go green.

According to the World Green Building Trends survey in 2015, over 50% of firms worldwide committed to using sustainability in more than 60% of their buildings. This year, that number is expected to increase alongside sustainable building innovations. Buildings generally consume large amounts of resources, and using biodegradable, recycled and sustainable materials can help to make a big difference in a building’s footprint. In some cases, simply modifying a building’s design can create more energy efficiency. As the climate changes, more zero-energy buildings are being designed and engineered to rely solely on renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind, operating off the electric grid. This helps provide complete energy efficiency, and it prevents further greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2016, water conservancy is also taking its lead in sustainable building practices. New building innovations will include achieving net-zero water use, from fixtures that efficiently manage water consumption, to rainwater harvesting and making use of recycled water, as well as on-site sewage treatment to remove contaminants from waste water. Water is a precious resource, and finding innovative solutions for water conservancy is a necessity of the future. Whether in new buildings or existing infrastructures, these green building innovations are helping businesses achieve total sustainability. If your company is looking for the best solutions for smart, sustainable design, contact Varming Consulting Engineers located in Dublin and Cork.


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