Landmark Varming Consulting Engineers Refurbishment Projects

3 Apr 2017

Landmark Varming Consulting Engineers Refurbishment Projects

At Varming Consulting Engineers, we have an extensive and impressive portfolio of refurbishment clients. Our long list of previous clients has involved work on both historical and educational buildings and we are very proud to talk in more detail about 2 of our landmark refurbishment projects below:

The Shelbourne Marriott Hotel, Dublin

Refurbishment works were completed on the Marriott Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, a 150 room, 25,000 sq mtr, €42m property which was a major and complex project including many facets.

We were tasked with designing the electrical and mechanical services installations for the complete refurbishment of all of its 150 existing rooms and an additional 99 bedroom extension. Incorporating partially listed elements, all rooms were fully air-conditioned with a new sprinkler system also installed.

New lifts were installed in both the existing and new extension buildings, containing rationalised, centralised HVAC plant room spaces.  

These complex works required the following:

  • Full air conditioning installation in all new bedrooms

  • Comfort cooling facilities of the pre-existing building

  • Rationalised Kitchen and Banqueting facilities

  • Passenger and goods lift installations

  • Centralised IT comms and Telecoms rooms

The Shelbourne Marriott Hotel, Dublin is a project that Varming Consulting Engineers are very proud of.

Malahide Castle & Museums Refurbishment

In 2012, Fingal County Council, Dublin, commissioned us with a phased refurbishment of Malahide Castle. A complex and multifaceted construction project of this 3,850 sq mtr, €8m site.

As the works required were so extensive, the refurbishment work of the castle was phased and took into account:

  • The Castle visitor centre

  • Museum and courtyard buildings

  • Glass House

  • Stewards Lodge

  • Surrounding Gardens

  • Exhibition spaces

  • Covered retail areas

The refurbishment work by Varming Consulting Engineers was complex, not least because of the fact that the castle itself is a listed period building.

Malahide Castle is a 12th century building that has been brought into the 21st century and includes a new central energy centre, incorporating micro-CHP units and high efficiency condensing boilers.

Aesthetic Blending

Solar powered intelligent roof terminals were installed in the main part of the museum, providing fresh air ventilation. Each unit was cleverly designed to match the original period materials and colours.

We at Varming Consulting Engineers are extremely proud of the services we provide. Services that patrons of both Malahide Castle and the Shelbourne Marriott will be enjoying the benefits of for many years to come.


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