The Advantages of Thermostatically Controlled Hot Water Balancing System in Healthcare Settings

13 Aug 2021

The Advantages of Thermostatically Controlled Hot Water Balancing System in Healthcare Settings

At Varming Consulting Engineers Ltd., we have decades of experience in sustainable building design and we utilise both established and cutting edge methods to deliver the best possible outcomes in each of our client projects. In this blog, we take a look at the benefits of one particular system used by our M & E engineers on customer projects- thermostatically controlled hot water balancing systems. 

Energy Saving Technology

Mechanical and electrical engineers employ thermostatically controlled hot water balancing systems as an energy-saving measure within a multi-circuit hot water system. Traditional types featuring manual type pressure dependent or static balancing valves can cause significant temperature fluctuations when hot water is in demand and when it is not. 

Building services design consultants choose to use thermal balancing valves as they’re able to control the temperature of the water in the circuits much more accurately.  The reason for this is that this modulates the flow to maintain a preselected temperature when the temperature fluctuates outside of set parameters. 

What thermostatic balancing valves do is stabilise the water supply and minimise chances of hot spikes to prevent the failure of other safety valves, and protect the pipes, valves, and fittings on the system from corrosion. They also protect the system from water stagnation and legionella growth, by ensuring that the water is constantly flowing throughout the circuits. When employed in a healthcare setting, as we did in our 2020 project at the Critical Emergency Ward at the University Hospital, Limerick, it can offer major safety advantages and operational savings.

Leveraging Technology for More Efficient Building Design

The Varming team of M & E consulting engineers uses technologies like these to deliver excellent efficiency and this is just one example of the methods we use on a regular basis to create low-energy, high performance installations. So, if you would like to know more about us and our 75 years in the industry, visit us online at

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