The Global Standard of Sustainable Building

8 Apr 2016

The Global Standard of Sustainable Building The International Passive House Conference in Germany will host leaders and innovators from all around the world. As energy consumption and sustainability become larger topics of global concern, this year’s Passive House conference will bring together hundreds of innovative minds for a wide range of networking opportunities, and it showcases advanced products with important solutions to improve the building industry. Working towards a global standard, engineers, contractors, and architects all have a part to play in improving the environment.

In Ireland, and all around the world, the quality and quantity of our energy use has a significant impact on the environment. Energy use in our buildings is one of the largest contributors to our overall carbon footprint, making it a priority in future building projects. From reducing space requirements in new buildings to investing in new technology so buildings operate with greater energy efficiency, there are many beneficial aspects of sustainable design. Using energy from renewable sources whenever possible also helps to decrease safety risks and reduce operational costs.

In construction, energy and climate are two of the most critical challenges of our time. While energy is critical to the productivity of the global economy, it also can account for the over-consumption of our resources. Finding the best ways to help our infrastructures meet the rising demand for energy is essential for economic and social development. New buildings can be designed to the highest green standards and older buildings can be rehabilitated with the advancement of technology. Professional consulting engineers can help with many different building projects to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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