The Growing Demand for Building Management Systems

11 Sep 2017

The Growing Demand for Building Management Systems

Building management systems, often abbreviated in the industry parlance to ‘BMS’ provides versatility, allowing for intelligent central control of all aspects of a building services operation and maintenance.

A recent report highlighted the expectation that the global BMS market is set to grow significantly between now and 2023. That market is expected to be worth in the region of $19b, which represents a year on year growth of around 16%, compounded each and every year.

The Market in More Detail

Within the BMS sector, the biggest market share is taken by facilities management software, according to sales from 2016 and this is as a result of importance of cost effective running of lighting and HVAC systems, the largest consumer of power in any building.

It is the huge savings in running costs that BMS packages offer, that is seen to be the driving force behind the growing demand and uptake from businesses across Ireland.

More Savings

Another major driver behind the growing demand is the managed services that the BMS provide.  Routine operation governing all aspects of a building’s management can be controlled using the software, which would otherwise, historically have been outsourced to a 3rd party services provider.  This is always going to be less costly than software programmes that allow companies to do it for themselves.

In Summary

The growth in the BMS market is set to continue for years to come, underpinned, as it is, by the increasing pressure on businesses to work as efficiently as they can.  There may come a time when BMS is ubiquitous and used by every building owner.  Each year, as time passes, the technology gets better and more refined.  This is becoming more evident as competitive diversity in the marketplace is producing packaged pre-programmed systems to cater for smaller system at viable cost outlay.

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