The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

24 Feb 2020

The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

As the world battles climate change, there is much work going on to reduce the effect we are having on the environment. From consulting engineers to architects, there are many in the construction industry who are committed to affecting meaningful change. 

One body, in particular, is on a mission to reduce carbon emissions and that body is the World Green Building Council (WGBC) and it has recently asked for everyone to come together and commit to decarbonising the built environment.

What is The Net Zero Buildings Commitment?
The Net Zero Buildings Commitment (NZBC) is asking for all parties involved - be it cities, regions and organisations to come together and commit to ensuring that all buildings operate on a net-zero basis by 2050. This commitment seeks to promote and recognise those acting as carbon-reducing leaders, as well as those removing implementation barriers.

Rather than focusing simply on the work carried out by those involved in building design, such as M & E consulting engineers, the NZBC aims to include every element of society to reduce operating emissions. They are doing this through the 5 constituent components of the framework:

  • Commit

  • Disclose

  • Act

  • Verify

  • Advocate

Who is Able to Join the NZBC?
In order to become a signatory, you must demonstrate the requisite level of ambition and leadership to the cause. This illustration can be through:

  • Becoming a carbon leader in your own country

  • Having the capacity to influence the built environment

  • Displaying a strong presence and level of advocacy within your industry

Eligibility is also open not just too entire organisations, but also divisions within, as well as non-profit organisations - subject to eligibility criteria. In addition to this commitment, all signatories must also deliver against their own targets, as well as influencing others.

The presence of bodies such as the WGBC, and in Ireland the Irish Green Building Council, shows that there is a real will in existence to make the necessary changes to reduce carbon emissions. If you are interested in signing up, all you need to do is get in touch with the Irish Green Building Council.

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