The Value of Building with BIM Technology

23 Aug 2016

The Value of Building with BIM Technology

In Ireland, and throughout the world, technology has evolved to a level of sophistication that helps us solve the issues we face in the modern world, and the building industry is no different, it too has also greatly benefited from recent technical developments. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is perhaps the most beneficial technological improvement to the design and construction of buildings. What was once done with detailed drawings, can now be done with advanced software. The ability to create detailed models with complex data allows developers and construction teams the opportunity to fine-tune the design, construction and performance of a building.

Contractors with various specialities can each add value to these building models by providing additional information to the design with ease. Placement and functionality of elements like plumbing and heating can be considered and refined early on in the process. BIM technology also incorporates an improved seven-dimensional process that aids in the sustainable building movement. Beyond the virtual building model, these additional dimensions include “documentation, space, time (i.e., scheduling and sequencing), cost estimation, facility management (e.g., computer-aided facility management, CAFM), and procurement solutions (e.g., contracts, purchasing, suppliers, and environmental standards).”

With far more information and insight available, there is a great advantage in using this technology throughout the building process. This helps developers address the needs of zero-energy and green design without any significant high risks or high costs involved. As the demand for alternative and creative solutions for sustainable building increases, technology is coming to the rescue. When looking for the latest in BIM innovation and sustainable design, professional consulting engineers can provide advanced solutions for many building projects.



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