Varming Consulting Engineers - Over 70years of Engineering Excellence

6 Mar 2017

Varming Consulting Engineers - Over 70years of Engineering Excellence

Varming Consulting Engineers is a company with decades of experience in Building Services sector and it has been at the centre of a host of major construction projects since its inception.

Founded in 1946, by Danish engineer Jorgen Varming, this organisation has a large and impressive portfolio of major work during its illustrious past.

Knowledge and Skill

Varming Consulting Engineers has a rich history in the design and implementation of mechanical, electrical, IT and fire protection service installations at many large industrial plant scenarios. Encompassing facilities built for a wide range of purposes, they have the expertise to cater for scenarios that deal with specialised requirements   and associate fire suppression services.

Large Scale Operations

Amongst their long list of previous clients, are projects for facilities covering tens of thousands of sq mtrs and valuing into the hundreds of millions of Euros.

For example, in 1999, Varming Consulting Engineers was tasked with the designing and overseeing of engineering services for Hewlett Packard’s European base for intermediate and final assembly stages of their inkjet cartridge manufacturing process.

Totalling 150,000 sq mtrs, this greenfield site was created as a full campus style site layout. Features catered for included, but were not limited to:


  • HVAC Services - Control systems that regulate the operation of heating and/or air conditioning systems.

  • RO/DI Systems - For effective water filtration

  • Construction Supervision - Throughout the entire process

  • Security & Communications

The Varming Team

Varming Consulting engineers consist of a dedicated team of professional specialists in a variety of construction sectors. Their professional know-how and working culture of innovation and proactivity has allowed them to successfully deliver in the commercial, healthcare, education, leisure, retail, residential and tourism sectors many times over.

Whatever your project requirements or scale, Varming Consultant Engineers have the knowledge, experience and technologies to help you.


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