What is a Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment Integrated Management System (QHSE IMS)?

23 Oct 2019

What is a Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment Integrated Management System (QHSE IMS)?

For every building project we are involved with at Varming Consulting Engineers, our designs are carried out in strict adherence to our QHSE IMS to ensure that the most favourable outcomes are achieved in the most efficient ways possible for all parties. 

But what exactly is a QHSE IMS and what makes it so important to Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Firms operating in the modern construction industry?

Here we take a closer look at exactly why Varming design engineers utilize the QHSE IMS in everything they do.

A Single Management System

Our QHSE IMS evolved to formalise our long established Strategic Direction approach to Building Services Consultancy.  The tenets of our philosophy with respect of our Strategic Direction include undertaking the duties required to deliver a verifiable quality product to clients, based on their requirements, compliant with current Industry Standards and best practice and complying with Health & Safety and Environmental Regulations.   The QHSE IMS system allows for a structured process to be created that integrates all of the regulations inherent to each standard to be managed and monitored from a single framework.

The Benefits of QHSE IMS

There are various benefits to implementing a QHSE IMS; allowing organisations to monitor performance, identify potential aspects and impacts within their processes and procedures, consideration of the needs and expectations of interested parties and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

As a major element of Varming’s strategy in recognising the requirement to provide a consistent quality of service to meet its client’s needs, along with its responsibilities in caring for the Occupational Health & Safety of its employees and the environment in the areas in which it has an influence, Varming are committed to operating an effective Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, OHS&S 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015.

Our QHSE IMS is currently managed by Alan Nolan who uses it to guide Varming project development and design processes and procedures, ensuring that everything we do is regulation-compliant, standards-based and that we always take full account of client briefs and budgets, as well as all matters relating to the mitigation and minimisation of health & safety and environmental risks.

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