What is an Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System and Why it is So Important

30 May 2018

What is an Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System and Why it is So Important

At Varming Consulting Engineers, Ireland, we have extensive experience in the use of innovative and sustainable building design techniques for our client projects, having been in the industry for over 70 years. In the decades since Jorgen Varming created the company, we have implemented a wide range of building service technologies in a variety of different sectors, including healthcare and we look at one of those now, which comes in the form of the Gas Scavenging System.

What does the Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System do?

The role the system plays in hospital operating theatres is a very important one, as it protects those in the area against the adverse effects of anesthetic gases that may leak during their use in operations. Those in the vicinity can become exposed to waste vapours, which can have a range of harmful effects on the body, such as:

  • An increased incidence in cancer in women

  • Liver and kidney damage

  • An increased risk of spontaneous miscarriage

  • An decreased level of fertility in women

  • Birth defects in children

The level of exposure doesn’t have to be that great, as professionals come into contact with the waste gases every day. The small amounts exhaled by the patient is enough to cause the problems listed above, according to a recent study.

An Anesthetic gas scavenging system is able to gather these gases, so that they can be disposed of in a safe way. Anaesthetic gas scavenging systems are normally provided in the following areas:-

  • Accident & emergency resuscitation room (per trolley space)

  • Operating departments

  • Maternity operating suites

  • Radiodiagnostic (all anesthetic and procedures room)

  • Oral surgery/orthodontic consulting rooms (type 1)

It is a system that we were commissioned to install at the Letterkenny University Hospital as part of a larger refurbishment project. You can view more details of the project by following this link http://bit.ly/2JTovKs.

This is just one example of the work our M & E consulting engineers do each and every day for our clients in pursuit of the most efficient and functional building services possible.

If you would like to find out more about what we do, you can do so by visiting our website www.varming.ie If you would like advice or guidance about a project, you can talk to our experienced team of building services design consultants at our Dublin office on 01 4872300.

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