What is Building Service Engineering?

28 Jul 2016

What is Building Service Engineering? Building Service Engineers play several different roles when it comes to building construction, design, and planning. These services are utilised for many different types of building projects including commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, industrial plants, and schools.

One of their main functions is to plan and design the systems that make a building comfortable, efficient, and safe. For most buildings this consists of HVAC, lighting, power, and water and drainage systems. For buildings like laboratories, hospitals, or factories, Building Service Engineers create specific systems based on what the building will be used for. These can include specialised gas distribution as well as moisture and bacteria control systems.

Building Service Engineers are involved in other aspects of building design as well. They decide the placement of major equipment, the position of vertical service risers, energy sources, and drainage as well as other aspects. This means they must be involved from a very early stage of the overall building design. Computer designs and models are used to create an accurate representation of the building design.

As sustainability grows in popularity, Building Service Engineers are increasingly involved with creating systems to improve sustainability. They work to minimise the environmental impact and the resources consumed during the life cycle of the building. This takes into account everything from the construction of the building, to day to day operation, to eventual demolition of the building.

There are several certifications that can be used to determine the sustainability of a building. BREEAM and Passive House certifications have been around for some time, and Building Service Engineers are able to meet these standards while moving towards Net Zero Energy Buildings.


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