What is Electrical 3D Design Engineering?

28 Jun 2018

What is Electrical 3D Design Engineering?

3D Design Advantage

One major advantage that BIM software provides is a 3 dimensional representation of the building that can be accessed by all parties at any time during the lifecycle of the building.

The market is growing and whilst 2-D still does have its merits, the concept is just falling too far behind the results that can be achieved by 3D Modelling and BIM, when wastage of time and resources can be largely avoided.

That’s not to say that 2-D drawings aren’t still being used, as many mechanical and electrical engineering consultants still use 2-D drawings, but only as part of a larger process that includes 3D Modelling.

The Major Software Players

AutoDesk Revit BIM Software is one of the biggest platforms being used right now, with other players including Vico and Bentley. For reasons of compatibility when collaborating with several different design teams, it so important to get on board with 3D Modelling and BIM technologies.

It is being more and more widely used in the construction industry, meaning that the probability of encountering projects that demand it is becoming ever more likely. Of course, there will be occasions when the cost may outweigh the benefit of using BIM, but there does soon come a point where if it is not used due to financial reasons, it represents a false economy. This is primarily because there is a risk of additional costs further down the line when clashes that could have been prevented, occur.

At Varming Consulting Engineers, we have extensive expertise in the use of Building Information Modelling software tools, as it makes simple the process of managing construction and making important, informed decisions at all stages of a project.

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