What is Energy Efficient Design (IS399:2014) All About?

8 Aug 2018

What is Energy Efficient Design (IS399:2014) All About?

The construction industry is currently in the midst of a major shift towards energy efficiency and self-sustainability. Mechanical and electrical engineering firms across the world are increasingly considering the energy performance of new buildings, meaning designs are created from day one with a reduction in reliance on traditional forms of power as a top priority.

An important element helping to drive this change in building design is the Energy Efficiency Design standard, IS399, which was implemented in 2014. Under the new guidelines, all stakeholders including the design team and client team are required to consider the energy efficiency of a design from the outset, which naturally increases the energy efficiency of a building over its entire lifecycle.

Another certification, known as EXCEED, uses IS 399 as its basis. EXCEED is a project based certification that differs from the IS 399 standard in that it is applied on projects that have a defined beginning, middle and end, whereas IS399 is used at an organisational level to constantly increase efficacy.

Energy efficient design in buildings is something that can save the owner a considerable sum and when it is implemented right from the beginning of a construction project, the savings are at their highest. Not only that, but when mechanical and electrical engineers create a building that is able to use the local environment for ventilation, cooling and power, its effect of the environment is greatly reduced.

At Varming Consulting Engineers, we are dedicated to creating environmentally, economically and socially sustainable buildings and we adhere to the most rigorous standards, such as Passive House, NZEB and BREEAM. This is achieved through our expertise in Sustainable Building Design and the adoption of innovative mechanical and electrical design techniques.

If you would like learn more about IS399:2014 or would like advice on the wide range of sustainable design techniques we offer, visit our website www.varming.ie or call our head office on 01 4872300, where one of our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


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