What is the 'European Renovation Wave'?

1 Mar 2021

What is the 'European Renovation Wave'?

At Varming Consulting Engineers, we have years of experience in the sphere of sustainable building design and we bring you blogs like this one to tell you about what’s happening in the industry. Today we look at what’s been coined as the European Renovation Wave for Europe and what it means.

The initiative - known officially as (COM(2020)662) - was published by the European Commission on 14th of October last year. It’s a strategy that means to start a wave of ‘green’ renovation that’s focused on ‘creating jobs, greening our buildings and improving lives’ to quote the commission directly. 

So, What Does it Mean in Real Terms?
Well, what it means to M&E consulting engineers and indeed citizens across Europe is that annual green renovation rates over the next 10 years are to be doubled. This move will involve architects, building services design consultants and the whole gamut of construction professionals in the sphere with the main aim being to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve quality of life for building users. 

What’s more, it’s expected to create up to 160,000 extra green roles within the sector across Europe - good news indeed at a time when job security is fragile because of the effect of Covid-19. What the Renovation Wave will also address is the fact that almost 34 million Europeans are currently unable to meet the cost of adequately heating their homes. Energy poverty is a big issue across Europe and the strategy should provide some welcome relief. 

A Greener Future for All
The landscape of the future for mechanical and electrical engineers is certainly a dynamic and interesting one that will hopefully result in a greener and more sustainable construction industry across Europe. The Varming team is fully behind all directives that result in a protected natural environment. 

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