Metro Golf Outing

03 March 2016

Varming Consulting Engineers recently held their in-house annual staff Golf Outing of 2015 and this year covered 4 major golfing resorts namely, Valderamma Spain Pebble Beach California, Firestone Country Club Ohio and The Royal St Andrews – a lot to pack in only 2 hours of play. But all is possible at the “Virtual” Metro Golf in Sportsco Ringsend where all these courses are available to experience with a pint and a pizza in one hand and a golf club in the other.

It was a very competitive outing with no quarter given seen as Prizes & Pride were at stake across all the 4 bays and courses. The experienced “would be” Pros were showing off their swing and flare “at Pebble Beach”, while beside them the mid range handicappers strut their stuff “at Firestone Country Club”.  In the next Bay, “at The Royal St Andrews,”  the “One Day Trippers tried their best to hit the screen while at Valdaramma the hackers were let loose –

Following the golfing exploits, with Prizes given to the “Best Poser & Shaper”, “Best Would Be Golfer” “Best Trier and Best Hacker (names withheld to avoid embarrassment – but 3 came from Roscommon – can say no more) - proceeding than adjourned to The Dogs, and Harold’s Cross where all staff enjoyed the opportunity to place a punt on the odd grey and sometimes black hound.

All in all it was a great staff get together in a friendly social yet competitive outlining with all present looking forward to a similar event next year, to different courses no doubt seen as regrettably we have since been banned from Valdaramma and The Royal St George.


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