South Donegal Community Nursing Home

01 January 2014

Varming Consulting Engineers were recently appointed by HSE North West Estates as Building Services Engineers associated with the Design and Site Monitoring including Building Regulations Certification (BCAR) for the Development of the new South Donegal Community Nursing Home in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.

The design development will be integrated with the other design disciplines, with the aid of a Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the use of 3D models for a fully coordinated design.

The project involves the following main components;

80 beds will be managed as a single unit, comprising of 52 Long Stay beds, 20 Short Stay beds and 8 Dementia specific beds.

  • The 52 Long Term Care beds will comprise of 36 single rooms and 8 twin rooms to conform to the Residential Standards. This will be divided into 4 x13 bed ward areas with 9 single rooms and 2 twin rooms in each ward.
  • The 20 short stay beds will consist of 5 Respite Beds, 2 Palliative Beds, 2 single isolation rooms and 5 Single rooms and 3 Twin rooms.
  • The 20 Short Stay beds will be managed as a single unit with inter connecting wards in a clustered arrangement, which will allow for sharing of ward facilities.
  • The Dementia Specific Unit will be an 8 bedded unit. It is proposed that this unit will have 8 single en-suite rooms with access to safe outside garden areas.
  • The upgrading/remodelling of an existing building to provide a redesigned new main kitchen.
  • The relocation of the existing Day Hospital.

This development will form part of the ‘Health Campus’ currently being developed on this and the adjoining PCCC site which will house other HSE services including HSE Offices.

Provision will be made to interlink the Electrical & Mechanical Systems in the Ballyshannon CNU building with the existing systems within the adjacent PCCC site.

The existing Sheil Community Hospital is a 3 storey listed building which was established in 1894. The Theatre building was extended on to the west side of the building in 1969. The Mortuary Building is a single storey brick building located at the rear of the facility.The Sheil Hospital is situated on the Eastern edge of Ballyshannon town centre, located on a sloping site overlooking the River Erne.

The proposed location for the new CNU is on the sloping land to the south side of the Sheil Hospital. This is a prominent site within Ballyshannon, being one of the first sites you will see as you travel into the town via the N15 roadway.

The sustainable approach to the overall building energy and CO2 emission reduction measure will ensure that the development will achieve a minimum Building Energy Rating of A3. This will be supported by a full IES computer model of the Ballyshannon CNU.

The project is due to commence in February 2015 and compliments our extensive successful experience in the Residential Healthcare and with the HSE North West.

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