Varming Consulting Engineers Celebrates 70th Anniversary of Busáras

26 October 2023

Varming Consulting Engineers CEO James Kavanagh was proud to join in the recent celebrations as a guest on the 70th Anniversary of the opening of Busáras.

In collaboration with Micheal Scott & Partners (now Scott Tallon Walker Architects) and Ove Arup and Partners (now Arup) our team played a key role in the original design of the building services installations in this iconic public building.

Varming designers developed the drawings and calculations for the building services installations associated with our innovative engineering solutions, including advanced heating, ventilation, and electrical systems which helped create a functional and efficient transportation hub for commuters and visitors alike.

Today, Busáras continues to serve as a vital transportation hub, connecting one million people across the city and beyond each year. We wish all at Busaras, Bus Eireann and the original design team well in celebrating this iconic building.

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