Varming sign Irish Green Building Council EPD Commitment

12 February 2021

Varming Consulting Engineers are acutely aware of the impact of carbon emissions from the built environment on the climate crisis and the responsibility of all stakeholders to act. As part of our commitment to reduce this impact we have become a signatory to the Irish Green Building Council EPD Campaign.  In order to enable Ireland to fully decarbonise the construction sector, Varming Consulting Engineers have committed to encouraging the use of Environmental Product Declarations by:

  • Raising awareness amongst all our staff on the importance of EPDs
  • Including clauses in our written specification to contractors that where possible they should use products which have 3rd party verified Environmental Product Declarations.
  • Insisting that at least 3 of the most common materials by mass or volume in the project have Environmental Product Declarations.
  • By specifying that where all being equal in price and performance that products with an Environmental Product Declaration are used.
  • We will integrate the above commitment into our policy documents and make all staff aware of it.

This highlights Varming Consulting Engineers ongoing commitment to a more sustainable built environment through circularity and a transition to Net Zero Carbon.

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