Malahide Castle & Museums Refurbishment Project

  • Client: Fingal County Council
  • Building Size: 3.850m2
  • Total Value: €8,000,000
  • Total M&E Value: €1,800,000
  • Year Completed: 2012
Project Description:
The Malahide Refurbishment Project involves the phased refurbishment of the Castle, The Museum & Courtyard Buildings, Visitors Centre, Glass House, Stewards Lodge  and the surrounding Gardens. The Castle itself is a listed period building, with the proposed internal refurbishment including major upgrade of services therein.  The museum and courtyard buildings are being refurbished to provide for a new Visitors Centre, exhibition spaces, restaurant and retail/covered market. These building are a mix of listed and new build elements. As part of the overall restoration works, the surrounding gardens, lodges and glasshouse is also being refurbished.

The project consisted of the complete refurbishment of this listed, historical demesne including the 12th century castle, courtyard buildings and glasshouses. A new central energy centre was installed to serve a number of separate tenants & buildings, incorporating micro-CHP units and high efficiency condensing boilers.
Solar PV powered intelligent roof terminal units were provided in the main museum and project room areas, to provide the fresh air ventilation requirements and offset the internal heat gains based on temperature and CO2 levels within the spaces. Each bespoke roof terminal was designed and manufactured to aesthetically match both the pitch and colour of the original pyramid roofs over the museum areas. The roof terminals utilise an integral solar photovoltaic powered reversible DC fan with stepless speed control and integral battery charge system that allows the fans to operate on a 24 hour basis, if required to facilitate hosting of night-time functions and for night cooling. The units are capable of offsetting the peak load internal gains at just 3m/s external wind speed, with the additional contribution provided by the solar fan system.
Each unit also includes thermally and acoustically insulated splitter plates, and a high-seal, motorised volume control damper with fully modulating motor and actuator. This damper and the onboard smart controller in each unit are fully powered by the solar battery charge system and require no mains power supply.

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