Mary Immaculate College, Multi-purpose Teaching Halls / State of the Art Gymnasium

  • Client: Mary Immaculate College
  • Building Size: 3.218m2
  • Total Value: €10.700.000
  • Total M&E Value: €2.000.000
  • Year Completed: 2007
Project Description:
Varming Consulting Engineers were commissioned to design the mechanical and electrical services installations for halls used for recreational sport, conferrals, examinations etc. The building also includes changing rooms and floodlights with full size GAA pitch.

For each of the 3 No. Gymnasia, there are total natural ventilation & heating systems for periods of high occupancy i.e. examinations and conferrals. Fresh air is drawn into the spaces via a series of passive louvers, heating coils, control dampers in large service troughs under seating and at perimeter. Exhaust air is sent through BMS controlled dampers at roof level using "stack effect" to achieve cross ventilation and flow throughout.
During periods of low occupancy and normal day to day teaching activities, each of the 3 gymnasia are provided with underfloor heating systems designed in accordance with the specialist Junkers Sprung Timber flooring systems.
Natural daylight is maximised through a series of roof lights, which is demonstrated via the use of computer modelling.
The entire facility has been provided with a dedicated building energy management control system.

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