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Varming Mission Statement 

"To achieve outstanding results for all our clients by providing sound engineering advice, supported by a tradition of design excellence and inspired by a spirit of innovation"

Our Role in your Development

At Varming, we see our role not only as the M&E services designers, but also as environmental and sustainable design engineers, working as an integral part of the Exemplar Design Team. We are there from the earliest stages of conception, by providing input to key aspects of the building design including building orientation, glazing, form and function. 

Varming Consulting Engineers will resource the project team with qualified engineers who have the requisite experience and skill to achieve the objectives of the project in an effective manner. Awareness of the current best practices in meeting healthcare requirements allows the Varming project team to fulfill these objectives in compliance with the appropriate standards.

In summary, in addressing the requirements of the Project Planning Brief, Varming will be dedicated to achieving a level of excellence in the design of the M&E engineering services installation, which will complement the architecture and structure of the building.

Design Capabilities

Varming will design and oversee the installation, operation and monitoring of the mechanical, electrical and public health systems required for the safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation of modern buildings, both for new builds and refurbishment projects. We achieve this by using several methods of design, such as BREEAM, Passive Design & BIM.

Our appointments range across all sectors including commercial, financial, healthcare, retail & leisure, government, education, industrial, and manufacturing.

Varming undertakes all Engineering Services installations, including the development and production of material specifications, and documents for all types of contracts and tendering procedures. We work with an informed and innovative approach to all aspects of design solution, cost control, and with full collaboration with other disciplines involved in any appointed design team. Constant consideration is also given to the economic, environmental and social sustainability of our designs, as well as energy and resource consumption.

Continuous Professional Development

At Varming, we are committed to a lifelong learning approach to our work, nurtured among all our staff and consultants. We are a progressive organisation, always up-to-date with the latest developments in sustainable M&E and all related developments, while also being very keen on attaining additional skills along the way. We view CPD as a core value of our company.

In addition to this, we are also Registered CPD Training Providers with Engineers Ireland.

Professional Accrediations
We are long time members of The Association of Consulting Engineers Ireland.

The ACEI, as part of FIDIC, set standards for their members based on international best practice, establishes a quality assurance benchmark for the profession, which provides a useful yardstick for clients in determining the appropriate qualifications and experience for consulting engineering practices.

The restrictions imposed by the Association on their member companies helps to maintain a high standard of integrity and quality within the firms which we believe is in the interest of both the clients and the public.


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