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Building Management Systems Look to Manage & Support Occupancy

2 Nov 2020

Building Management Systems Look to Manage & Support Occupancy

It has long been known by consulting engineers that building controls save energy for building owners, by allowing them to more efficiently control lighting, heating and other building systems. However, building management systems can also be used to help managers better use their resources at a time when home working is still being encouraged.

IoT offers a previously unmatched level of visibility in the utilisation of space, which is a core principle of smart building facilities management. Previously, manual recording of this kind of data would take hours, meaning that it was practically impossible to know precisely what was happening inside any given building all of the time.

Maintaining Optimum Occupancy Rates
The return to the office environment from home working looks set to take some considerable time, as Covid-19 looks like something we’re going to have to endure for the long-term. A phased approach to building utilisation is what is currently occurring, however, this does present certain challenges - such as how to maintain the wellbeing of staff in the most energy efficient way.

By combining IoT sensor data collected by next-gen wireless-enabled smart occupancy sensors with advanced analytics solutions, it’s possible to automatically collect and communicate occupancy rates on a desk by desk basis. These smart sensors can provide actionable insights that can optimise daily operations and save costs.

Social distancing remains part of the Government’s strategy of dealing with Covid-19 and it’s technologies like these that enable building managers to perform effective resource planning. In addition to this, the data collected can also help with other aspects like air quality and ventilation.

Building Services Design Consultants You Can Trust
At Varming Consulting Engineers Limited, we are obviously fully behind all efforts to control the spread of coronavirus and save lives. IoT and smart building technologies are proving to be a rich source of solutions for potential ways to allow the world of commerce to return to a semblance of normality.

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