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Smart Buildings – The rise in "Contactless” Office Spaces, Why touch-free technologies are taking centre stage

21 Sep 2020

Smart Buildings – The rise in "Contactless” Office Spaces, Why  touch-free technologies are taking centre stage

In the sphere of building design, contactless working spaces were certainly on the horizon prior to COVID-19 making an appearance, however, the need to reduce transmission of the virus has quickly brought the concept to the fore. As companies now start to return to the office, touch-free technologies are taking centre stage.

In a bid to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, M & E Consulting Engineers are employing touch-free technology in a growing number of workplaces. Technologies such as automatic sensor-operated doors and hands-free soap dispensers are just a couple of ways it’s possible to minimize the number of contact points. 

Eliminating the Spread via High Touch Points
As part of the Coronavirus re-think, sensor technologies are providing options to reduce the spread of the virus via the common high touchpoints in the workplace. Surfaces which are typically touched by multiple people, such as taps, light switches and lift buttons can be circumvented through the use of proximity sensors.

Security swipe cards - that have been widely used in office buildings for decades - are now being considered by building services design consultants as a central point around which to add extra functions. A smart card can be programmed to open entry barriers, operate the lift and turn on lights - all without the need for physical contact.

Innovative Solutions to Meet Modern Needs
The consulting engineers at Varming are fully committed to creating buildings that not only help building owners run more efficiently but also keep those that occupy them safe. Coronavirus has presented an entirely new set of challenges, however, today’s innovative building engineers are constantly striving to repurpose existing and use emerging technologies to combat them.

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