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Sustainable Buildings and How the Human Health Factor is Gaining Importance

12 Apr 2019

Sustainable Buildings and How the Human Health Factor is Gaining Importance

Modern building design has for some time now, been geared towards increased energy efficiency and performance and whilst this is still absolutely the case, the factor of the health of the individuals using the buildings is something that consulting engineers are increasingly having to consider.

Of course, the comfort and productivity of building occupants is something that m & e consulting engineers have long since taken into account in the designing of buildings and building services, but more emphasis is now being placed on not just the comfort, but also the mental wellbeing and long term health of building users.

Healthier & Happier = More Productive

As well as focusing on green buildings, building services design consultants are paying more attention to design that’s green for people. It’s no secret that happier and healthier employees are more productive and addressing the cognitive and emotional needs of building occupants is something that more and more companies are paying heed to.

There are many aspects involved in creating green buildings, but by using less in the way of toxic materials in construction and employing building features that promote natural ventilation and daylight, the net result is invariably a healthier and more productive workforce. Statistics suggest that more than 60% of all sick days taken in the modern workplace are down to stress, which provides a clear illustration of exactly what is gained by addressing it.

What Can Green Design Do For You?

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