Alternative Resources in Green Construction

26 Apr 2016

Alternative Resources in Green Construction

Green construction and sustainable building focuses on resource-efficient solutions for the entire life of a building, from its conception to design, construction to operation, and even in its long-term maintenance. With cutting emissions and sustainable building as the objective in Ireland, considering active solar systems to minimise energy loads is smart. From installing solar panels on the roof, to water-saving appliances and fixtures, there are many ways to go “green” in this day and age. Making use of alternative resources, such as solar energy, is at the centre of sustainable building, and water and energy conservation and are the heart of a plumbing system in a green home.

When designing green homes or offices, supporting energy and water is at the forefront of the process. The purpose is to create a building that consumes less energy and water, and one that offers alternative resources and offers a noticeable reduction in heating and cooling expenditures. Wasted water can add up to thousands of gallons lost per year. With a high-efficiency water system along with a low life cycle cost, gallons of water could be saved. Another way to reduce waste is by using an on-demand system, to create hot water only when it is needed. Avoiding systems that circulate hot water continuously is vital in sustainable buildings.

Changing climate and weather patterns have also made water a precious commodity, and efficient plumbing systems are becoming even more important for helping with water conservation. Using these kinds of green building techniques and designing efficient water and energy systems can result in low-impact buildings, and it greatly reduces the costs of operations in the building over the course of the year. Contact leading consulting engineers in Ireland for the best solutions and the latest innovations in sustainable design.



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