Augmented Reality in Building Design

15 Jun 2016

Augmented Reality in Building Design

As the Construction Industry evolves, applying the benefits of advanced technologies, efficiency and sustainability are becoming easier to achieve, from single structures to entire cities. One of the most sophisticated technologies available for advancing building can be found in Augmented Reality (AU). This innovative new design method allows architects and designers to virtually construct any project through the use of augmented reality technology. With the increased capabilities of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the use of 3D models, architects can now create a completely virtualised construction of the project prior to the actual construction.

Recently, urban reinvention projects have been occurring in cities like Detroit, where augmented reality has been implemented to refine the process. In April 2015, Trimble and Microsoft announced that they would be implementing a more advanced building information modelling, and create a new set of tools to move beyond 2D computer screens into 3D models in physical space. In Detroit, the Packard Plant was one of the most recent structures chosen for this type of project. Built in 1903 and abandoned in 1953 by the Packard Car Company, this large space was the perfect venture to use the latest in augmented reality, in order to visualise and effectively design the space.

One of the most challenging aspects architects and M&E consulting engineers face is translating something from a screen into a physical space. Augmented reality could be the tool needed to redefine how we design and construct buildings or even entire cities. Contact professional M&E consulting engineers in Ireland for the latest in BIM technology and 3D modelling techniques for more effective sustainable design.



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