BIM Manager in Ireland

23 Sep 2016

BIM Manager in Ireland CITA has announced the details of the latest installment of the Smarter Cooperative Building Series for 2016. The breakfast is the sixth CITA event to take place this year, and it is entitled “Future Proofing BIM for Construction Managers”. The goal of the series is to enhance Ireland’s transition to leaner work practices and digitization, as well as creating an integrated future for the construction industry in Ireland.

The Building Materials Federation will be the Chair for the event. Steve Thompson, BIM Consultant with PCSG, the Managing Director of Midland Steel, Tony Woods, the Group Head of BIM for UK and Europe, Nick Leach, and the CEO of Zutec, Brendan O’Riordan will all be speakers for the event, highlighting the focus on manufacturing. The event will be held at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin.

CITA began as a research project in 2001 with the goal of harnessing the power of technology in the Irish Construction Industry, and it was formally incorporated in 2005. Membership in CITA is open to everyone in the construction industry including engineering, construction, architecture, and operations. CITA has secured annual funding from Enterprise Ireland and Skillnets, LTD to help with networking and training programmes.

The alliance has gained many members. The meetings and conferences they hold are a great place for members of the construction industry to gain knowledge and network with others in the industry. CITA keeps its members up to date on the latest technology trends, and they also offer training grants for those who are underemployed or unemployed.


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