Boosting Building Renovation for Climate Neutrality & Recovery

22 Mar 2021

Boosting Building Renovation for Climate Neutrality & Recovery

The EU’s Green Deal aims to tackle climate change in a structured way and result in a net neutral carbon emissions target by 2050. One of the many ways that this is to be achieved is through the ‘Renovation Wave’ that seeks to use building design to minimise the effect of the built environment on the natural environment. 

Whilst an all-encompassing approach must be taken by the EU that covers a wide range of social and environmental factors, consulting engineers and building services design consultants have their part to play. To this end, some key principles for this mass renovation must be adhered to.

These principles include:

  • Ensuring that affordable energy-performing buildings are available to both medium income households and low-income households and vulnerable people.

  • A speeding up of the integration of renewable energy from local sources and utilization of waste heat

  • The decarbonization of heating and cooling systems

  • The use of organic materials for the promotion of green infrastructure

  • The implementation of high standards in air quality and clean water management

  • The wider use of smart buildings at individual, town and city level

This is a truly herculean task that involves everyone in the construction and building design sphere from architects to M&E consulting engineers. The EU Green Deal target of climate net neutrality within 30 years is an ambitious one, but with resolve and contribution coming from all areas, it’s also an achievable one.

Working Together to Meet the Collective Goal

Far from being something that only affects the construction industry, the EU’s Green Deal is something that will help everyone going forwards by providing a healthier place to live. At Varming Consulting Engineers our team of designers and mechanical and electrical engineers are playing a big part in realising the EU’s goal through the innovative and sustainable buildings we help to create.

If you would like to know more about anything discussed here or you’d like to see examples of our past work in this area, simply visit us online at where you’ll find everything you need to know. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to us about your upcoming building project you can get in touch by calling us on (0)1 4872300.  



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