Building Smart with Digital Data

3 Aug 2016

Building Smart with Digital Data

There is a strong BIM environment in Ireland, cultivating real change and progress towards a sustainable future. ( To meet the goal of creating a global standard, the building industry worldwide needs a reliable means of sharing digital information in order to ensure each structure is perfected during every stage of development. Though this technology is flourishing, there are still issues facing the implementation of BIM, such as understanding the difference between what is required versus what is being produced for all parties involved in the project.

Through a variety of software and design tools, this digital revolution in design helps enable members of the building industry to share important knowledge of the strategy, construction, and operation of a building. At the global level, a standard of sustainable building practices is indispensable, along with the seamless integration of efficient design and improving construction through digital collaboration.

To make building data accessible and available to the whole built environment community is an important part of the future.

BuildingSMART is an authority in the built asset economy, and it provides a platform accepted industry-wide to improve how digital data from the built environment is entered and used. In the building and construction industry, understanding and benefiting from these details at different phases of the project is vital to its success. The industry requires clarity around the practicality and application of Level of Development (LOD) and Data Exchanges, as well as the education and training to establish an international alliance. The best way for design and construction professionals to accomplish this is by working together. In order to assure building projects meet the global standard, engage with professional consulting engineers for the latest applications in the sustainable building industry.



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