Can IoT Transform Building Management?

17 Jul 2017

Can IoT Transform Building Management?

The Internet of Things (IoT) may be still very much at the embryonic stages of its development, but it is believed to be about to transform building management, in the very near future. Though this eventuality does have the air of inevitability about it, the road to complete integration may be a long and challenging one.

Uniquely Positioned

IoT is something that will be integral to the work done by electrical engineering firms across Ireland, as they are uniquely positioned to enjoy all the sustainable design features that IoT offers, by improving the efficiency of buildings and creating new and innovative opportunities for cost savings.

As the wholesale cost of devices like internal electronic sensors continue to drop as a result of mass production, the adoption of all things IoT gathers pace. Of course, incorporating IoT into a building’s infrastructure takes more than a few sensors being installed and there are many factors that building owners need to address before a well-functioning, secure and ‘intelligent’ commercial premises can be achieved.

The Benefits

A building that has fully integrated IoT will look great and make its occupants very happy to work there, but the benefits are much more far reaching than aesthetics and usability. Operationally speaking, the costs will be lower, employees will be happier, more comfortable and it is altogether more energy efficient.

Refining the Process

As time goes by and the building gets used, building owners are able to utilise sensor-generated data to refine and improve the experience of those using the premises. This information provides vital insights into how the building is being used and as such, is a very useful resource to tap into.

At Varming Consulting Engineers, we don’t see ourselves as strictly Mechanical engineering services designers, but also as champions of sustainable design in Ireland. We strive to spread the word about emerging technologies that take the construction industry into a new, cleaner and more efficient future.

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