Comfortable Living & a Better Future for the Environment

2 Mar 2016

Comfortable Living & a Better Future for the Environment There has been an ongoing revolution in green design and building innovations. In the sustainability movement, comfortable living and a better future for the environment is the primary objective. Different industries are coming together to serve this common goal. All are adopting a professional approach and taking the time to ensure they are compliant with all requirements.

Throughout the years, various awards have also been presented in honour of buildings that achieve design excellence and the teams behind them, such as the ACEI Design Excellence Award won by Varming Consulting Engineers in 2011. High performing green buildings offer significant value, with reduced operational costs and minimised impact on the environment, as well as creating a health and safety environment for the building users. Recent studies have shown that energy usage for many buildings in the commercial sector has been significantly reduced, due to the adoption of sustainable building practices for low to zero energy use.

We spend a large part of our lives indoors, making it very important to maintain healthy, sustainable, and comfortable living conditions in buildings. From our homes to our offices, green design is used to improve the environment indoors and out. In the commercial sector, buildings are particularly known to use large amounts of energy and resources, making them prime candidates for sustainable building innovations. Many energy efficient strategies and cost saving measures can be used to reduce electrical and fossil fuel consumption and whole life costs. Professional consulting engineers can help with designing the best conditions, with installations such as low energy lighting and proposals to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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