Condition and Validation Surveys

18 Jun 2018

Condition and Validation Surveys

In order to assist the work we do at Varming Consulting Engineers for our clients in the field of sustainable building design, we conduct assessments to analyse the condition, performance and status of established systems. These services, referred to as Condition and Validation Surveys, are particularly helpful in informing our clients of the key legislative, performance and consequential financial aspects that exist in purchasing or modifying the purpose of any given property.

Condition and Validation Surveys are carried out by our M & E consulting engineers and require a physical inspection of plant and systems to determine their condition, which then may require further, more intrusive inspections to precisely identify any functional or performance problems.

There are a number of benefits that are offered by these surveys:

  • To identify defects that may affect the performance of certain building services.

  • To provide a detailed, accurate and holistic report of the existing building systems and current operational status.

  • To enable building services design consultants to recommend more intrusive inspections and testing if required.

  • To facilitate identification of energy performance and conservation control measures that could be potentially imposed to reduce operational running costs and improve overall system performance.

  • To enable identification of any potential health and safety issues present in the operation of existing systems.

  • To facilitate identification of deficiencies in existing system installations where appropriate relative to current installation standards, legislation and best practice.

  • To assist in creating a master plan for any proposed future works so as to mitigate potential impact on existing building operations and streamline any new integration scope.

  • To assist mechanical and electrical engineers in the evaluation of the life expectancy, condition and suitability of existing systems and generate consequent recommendations to clients.

Condition surveys are an important prerequisite to facilitate identification of any potential issues with existing systems, possible practicable performance enhancements and to assist the planning of any future works to existing systems inclusive of capital investment.

Further validation works can also be required, the extent thereof reflective of the specific project, inherent condition report recommendations and the core client requirements from the outset.

Such validation works can include;

  • Water quality testing

  • Air quality testing

  • Thermal imaging

  • Intrusive pipework testing

  • Water & Ventilation performance measurement

  • Pump condition and operational performance assessment

  • Boiler condition and operational performance assessment

  • Ventilation plant condition and operational performance assessment

  • Chiller condition and operational performance assessment

  • Lighting level and quality performance assessment

  • Testing and inspection of electrical services and switchgear

  • BMS/Controls condition & operational assessment

These surveys are extremely useful as they offer valuable insight for clients into existing building systems performance and the best approach to adopt in any proposed project or in planning for future upgrade works.

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