Designing Green for the Environment

28 Apr 2016

Designing Green for the Environment

The science behind green building has grown throughout the years, and today modern designers and architects have access to new technology that makes sustainable building much easier to achieve. From using advanced simulation software to 3D modelling, careful planning and detailing at the start of any project will make it that much simpler to execute. The construction process can take months, however if it’s designed accurately up front, the process will go much smoother and the final product will last for generations to come.

Green building does not have to be an expensive process, and it does not have to mean the end product will look too out of the ordinary. It lends itself to many styles and can be planned for many structures. The main focus of green building is to provide greater benefits to both the occupants and the environment. A green building is one that is designed, constructed, and operated with a whole-system approach. The goal is to enhance the environmental performance of the building as well as the land it sits on.

The world’s environment is changing significantly. Many buildings today consume an excessive amount of natural resources and energy. Because of this, buildings contribute a large portion of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Green building is a design and construction that makes the most of land use, site planning, and materials selection. Professional consulting engineers in Ireland can help with plans to design green buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



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