Double Skin Ventilated Facades Explained

3 Feb 2023

Double Skin Ventilated Facades Explained

At Varming Consulting Engineers, we are one of Ireland's foremost M&E & Sustainability engineering firms, and we bring you regular blogs that provide insight into the wide array of technologies and techniques that are used in the world of modern building design. 

Today we're here to talk to you about double skin ventilated facades and their advantages. By reading to the end of our brief article, you'll better understand the subject and whether it's something you should employ in your next project. 

What are double skin facades?

As the name suggests, double skin facades (DSFs) typically consist of two glass layers, with air flowing through the intermediate cavity. The space can vary from 20 cm to several meters, and it effectively protects against extreme sound, winds and temperatures. 

This airflow can be either naturally occurring or mechanically driven, and while this is far from being a new technology, DSFs are increasingly becoming favoured by engineers and architects due to the advantages they offer. 

What are the advantages of using double skin facades?

A number of appealing benefits can be enjoyed when DSF systems are installed, with the first being significantly reduced energy consumption. In addition to acting as an insulator during the colder months of the year, heat is allowed to escape more easily, meaning lower energy bills due to a decreased reliance on powered systems.

DSFs also offer high acoustic insulation, even when internal windows are open. By employing perforated metals in the design, ambient sound can be absorbed. Naturally, building occupants are offered increased comfort, with these facades available in a wide range of coatings, colours and finishes that can be created to meet the client's aesthetic needs. 

The Varming team of M&E engineers used double-skin ventilated facades in the 2016 project at the Institute of Education on Leeson Street - a project in which we were commissioned to design the mechanical and electrical building services.

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